Monthly Archives: April 2016

Still keeping it real!

Often you need to just take a step back and digest all that you’ve seen, all that you’ve learned and evaluate what to do with all that information. This week has been so busy that only now on a quiet Friday afternoon have I time to do that. So I took on board one thing I heard this week and rather than grab a coffee and sit at my desk to reflect on the week that’s been and focus on the week ahead – I went for a walk. In fact – I went for a 3 mile walk in the rain! So why am I telling you this? Well – It’s about taking time to reflect and make changes. I make time every week to listen and learn..I watch TED Talks, read blogs and posts and talk to my clients, colleagues and potential new customers about talent, talk about great examples of where some organisations just get ‘it’ right and share experiences and ideas about how we can all do the talent stuff better. Last week I published a post about Recruiters poor behaviours and challenged them to reflect and make a change, professionalise what they do and to […]

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Come on Recruiters – It’s time to change!

A few weeks ago I received an email from an internal recruiter (from a major RPO provider) asking if I was interested in a job opportunity with them. They had ‘found’ my details on Linkedin and thought I’d be a good fit. Now, working in Recruitment for 20 years,  I would usually put this down to poor management – clearly the recruiter had not been trained properly to know how to search and approach talent. Firstly the approach was a generic, impersonal in mail, and secondly, had they looked at my background, they would have seen that the level of job wasn’t suitable. But I replied to the Recruiter and told him it wasn’t right for me- but Thank you. However, this week, I’ve received the same generic email from the same recruiter for the same job. Now, I’m not only annoyed that it’s been sent to me again, but this type of recruiting is the type of behaviour that is really bringing the industry that I love into disrepute. This is why we see so many posts daily about how ‘terrible’ recruiters are and this type of ‘spray and pray’ approaches coupled with poor candidate experience will continue to […]

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