A fully functioning EVP


How many times have you seen blogs that start…’How to create an employer brand?’ or ‘How to create an EVP’

I’ve worked for many organisations (from those with highly recognised brands to start up organisations) and both have had the same issue – How to establish a fully

functioning EVP.

I’ve helped many organisations who were at somewhat of a loss when it came to developing their employee proposition and they had previously struggled to articulate who they were or what was the cultural thread that ran through their organisations.

Where I was able to help them was in helping them to understand the difference in creating a true EVP vs creating employer marketing strategies and external candidate advertising. This is where so many organisations miss a trick.  An EVP is, the give for the get… it’s the things that make an organisation connect with certain individuals and enables them to thrive in that environment. The EVP is not, and should never be, a strap line created by HR or Comms teams in isolation. It also isn’t something that is focussed only on the external market for the use of candidate attraction.

Engaging existing employees is critical in defining the ‘why’ of the EVP- Why do they work there? Why is it better there than say xyz Ltd.? Why do they stay? Why do they succeed in that environment? The ‘what’ is also key. What makes their work and the organisation unique, what about the way the organisation operates that connects with them? And importantly, what don’t they like about their job/company. I always ask, as part of my research, what the employees worst day are, not the best… this gives me the reasons they stay!

Once you establish the core threads of engagement can you then craft the external promo stories and attraction marketing campaigns. It’s the order of creating an EVP that’s important and recognising that the EVP isn’t just language. It’s the fibre of the company, in its way employees are treated and respected (both in financial and career rewards) and also every personal interaction. It’s the values, the culture, the promise.

A fully functioning EVP must be authentic and honest and it must connect to the internal employee population and they must live it. You can spend a fortune on advertising and creating amazing marketing campaigns, but if you forget to live and breathe the EVP everyday, very soon there will be a huge disconnect with what was promised and in reality, what was delivered.