recent projects

project 1 - resourcing and review model

resourcing review and remodel


our client recognised a requirement to completely transform their resourcing practices – driven from a number of elements – cost, quality, brand promotion, attrition (specifically retail and customer operations) and poor team performance.

key challenges:-
  • resourcing was managed through multiple ‘hubs’ -was high volume, high cost
  • candidate experience was inconsistent
  • resourcing team was highly administrative, with limited technology to support talent acquisition
  • external brand was strong for customers but weak for employees
  • non-permanent spend was over budget
  • redesigned core business model with a resourcing shared service model to deliver candidate on-boarding,
  • implemented an Applicant tracking system, with reach out to social media
  • simplified hiring policy & processes
  • developed Resourcing strategy in line with business priorities
  • built COE for executive hiring and entry level schemes – increased pipeline of future hires
  • design and implemented ‘award winning’ career portal – first fully mobile career site in the UK
  • reduced non-permanent spend in year 1 – through a series of initiatives in conjunction with MSP partner
project 2 - search assignment

search assignment


a technology reseller had grown to circa £300m through acquisition of product sales and now wanted to execute a shift to solution selling.

the incoming Sales Director needed to increase their sales operation, and required x 30 new solution sales heads. however, knowing how they had recruited in the last few years, they were looking for a fresh approach.

working with the Existing sales teams, we profiled the top performers to build a picture of what great looked like for the organisation, understanding the behaviours and potential required in an ideal candidate.

we then designed a bespoke recruitment campaign that delivered only those candidates who met the criteria, working with a behaviour and capability frameworks, we were able to successfully deliver to the sales manager a shortlist of suitable candidates to recruit.

we developed a robust process and ‘blueprint’ which we handed over to the in house team, ensuring we embedded the processes to be run by a new recruitment team.

delivered – increased to 30 FTE –
25 candidates at salary levels £45-£65,
6 candidates at £65-£90 and 4 at £110k+