Is there still a war for talent?

logo-block-1Over the last year, as we have seen the economy begin to emerge from its recession, many organisations are now in a position to review and update the way they attract and engage with current and future employees.

In the last few months, I’ve worked with many clients who are doing just that. Actively transforming the way they wish to engage with talent, utilising all the tools available – traditional attraction methods, social media and talent networks,

But a lot has been written about talent engagement and attraction methods, however little has been written from the potential employee perspective. They now have more choice than ever before and the experience they receive throughout the recruitment process/ engagement can have significant impact.

Many candidates and especially those very happy in their current organisations can only be seduced away from their current organisation if the offering and experience they receive delivers something they currently don’t have. Candidate will decide whether a company is the right for them, from the moment they connect with that business…from having a view on the medium and language used, the products they sell or service they offer, the people they meet, the recruitment consultant that they talk to and the experience they receive. It’s no longer a one way process of clients grilling a candidate on what value they bring, reviewing a CV and focussing on past experience or past employers. It has to be a two way process, understanding the individual and selling the opportunities available and the organisation.

So why are companies still getting it so wrong? Poor engagement – (I revert back to previous posts re in house and outsourced teams), poor interview process and inexperienced hiring managers all have a part to play. I’ve read many articles over the last year or so, that offer ‘handy hints and tips’ and ‘ways to get your CV noticed’ and the usual ‘top things to say and not to say on your CV’, but it does beg a question.  What do organisations need to do to really engage with talent? How do organisations ensure they take feedback from candidates on their hiring process and make the right changes?

Its time organisations upped their game…Once a candidate engages, even for an exploratory conversation, the experience has to deliver. It has to be great! Organisations can no longer sit on their laurels when it comes to talent. They have to offer the same level of experience they would expect to give their customers. and of course candidates need to feel able to offer their feedback.

Think of trip advisor – they have had 170 million reviews and those are from travellers who have experienced the hotel/resort etc. first hand.   Glassdoor gives a great insight into first hand experiences of the interview process and the organisations. What would the recruitment landscape look like if organisations took notice of these comments the same way they ‘take notice of their customers’ Over 90% of reviews posted to TripAdvisor are reviewed by others within 24 hours!