Still keeping it real!


Often you need to just take a step back and digest all that you’ve seen, all that you’ve learned and evaluate what to do with all that information.
This week has been so busy that only now on a quiet Friday afternoon have I time to do that. So I took on board one thing I heard this week and rather than grab a coffee and sit at my desk to reflect on the week that’s been and focus on the week ahead – I went for a walk. In fact – I went for a 3 mile walk in the rain! So why am I telling you this?
Well – It’s about taking time to reflect and make changes.
I make time every week to listen and learn..I watch TED Talks, read blogs and posts and talk to my clients, colleagues and potential new customers about talent, talk about great examples of where some organisations just get ‘it’ right and share experiences and ideas about how we can all do the talent stuff better.
Last week I published a post about Recruiters poor behaviours and challenged them to reflect and make a change, professionalise what they do and to think about the impact poor experiences are having on our industry. Over 7000 views and more than 300 likes – I think I hit a nerve! Following that, we had an increase in demand for our recruiter training programmes and an increase in new customers talking to us about how we can help them with their talent brand…coincidence?
So this week has been a busy one, talking to new and potential customers about how we can support them take their talent brand to the next level. Having an amazing corporate/ consumer brand is one thing, but unless you can articulate the talent brand to your employees of today and of the future, you will struggle to recruit the best talent that is available and right for your organisation.
Having a really authentic ‘employer value proposition’, has to be the focus for any organisation. However, whatever messages are being created and whatever stories are being told, they must be real. I talk a lot about ‘keeping it real’, and why organisations must steer away from creating recruitment or talent brands that are just too aspirational, too ambitious or disconnected to reality!
So, as part of some research this week, I stumbled across one of the most courageous job descriptions I’ve seen in a while. It was from a small engineering company, and I don’t even think they knew that they had created such a wonderful, truly original and honest appraisal of themselves as a place to work – they got their talent brand spot on.
Clearly, I can’t post the whole job spec – but here’s a flavour

“We would really like to employ somebody who thinks a job is more than just turning up each day. A sense of humour would be good, and a bit of team spirit thrown in won’t go a miss…we’ll teach you what you need to know and to be on the safe side we’ll even factor in you buggering something up… so no pressure….we don’t need another managing director, we’re kind of alright with the one we’ve got.”
Now, I can pretty much tell what it’s going to be like to work there – there’s no corporate sell, no over inflation of the ‘amazing’ career on offer…It paints the picture clearly and honestly and for me that is the value of your employer brand. I want to be able to know just from reading about you what you represent, and know whether it’s right or not right for a career choice. It’s self-selection at its best.

When you think of strong employee value propositions, what organisations come to mind? And do they consistently embed their story into all their recruiting ctivities. Keeping it real is so important when we help our customers build their EVP and talent brands. It’s also the thing that our customers love about us.