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Still keeping it real!

Often you need to just take a step back and digest all that you’ve seen, all that you’ve learned and evaluate what to do with all that information. This week has been so busy that only now on a quiet Friday afternoon have I time to do that. So I took on board one thing I heard this week and rather than grab a coffee and sit at my desk to reflect on the week that’s been and focus on the week ahead – I went for a walk. In fact – I went for a 3 mile walk in the rain! So why am I telling you this? Well – It’s about taking time to reflect and make changes. I make time every week to listen and learn..I watch TED Talks, read blogs and posts and talk to my clients, colleagues and potential new customers about talent, talk about great examples of where some organisations just get ‘it’ right and share experiences and ideas about how we can all do the talent stuff better. Last week I published a post about Recruiters poor behaviours and challenged them to reflect and make a change, professionalise what they do and to […]

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Remember when we used to speak?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been working with a number of clients who are starting to rethink their resourcing models, engaging in conversations about what will their world of resourcing look like in 2, 5 or even 10 years’ time, and how they can get prepared for their business growth and in turn an increased talent demand. There’s lots of research out there that talks about the different ways you should attract and engage talent across the generations; from baby boomers to generation x, y and Z. Research that talks about being on-line, being social, having great content to share. It’s about video content and easily accessed information. It’s about brand and product.right? So we did some research of our own; we reviewed a number of companies, from those who never advertise vacancies, have strong social presence, have a huge social following, great websites etc to organisations that rely heavily on traditional recruiting; those that advertise every role across every platform and are just dipping their toes into the ‘social’ space, . We even spotted a few that rely on manual application forms! But regardless of how they attract candidates what made one organisation stand out from the others? […]

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Why the best talent may not want to work for you!  

So we had a really interesting debate in the office this week! We all get used to seeing league tables of ‘most attractive brands’, most interesting companies to work for, and ‘most in demand employers’ etc. but is that enough to attract the best talent? Whilst we discussed the merit of these so called ‘awards’, we started to review a great candidate that we had just met. Interestingly, he’s super bright, a smart and focused business professional, ambitious with high, a realist, with an engaging style. We loved him!. Our debate then started about the organisations he wanted to work for….none of which made it to the top ten on the league table, in fact…they weren’t even in the top league. Why? The organisations that our candidate wanted to talk to were summed up in a few words…ambitious, creative, non-corporate! He didn’t talk about a ‘job’; he talked about the opportunity to be part of something. He didn’t mention job title, instead, talked about the value he can bring, he didn’t mention grade or level, but talked about making a real difference…he didn’t want to be caught up in “ways of working”, he wanted autonomy to make that company more […]

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