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A fully functioning EVP

How many times have you seen blogs that start…’How to create an employer brand?’ or ‘How to create an EVP’ I’ve worked for many organisations (from those with highly recognised brands to start up organisations) and both have had the same issue – How to establish a fully functioning EVP. I’ve helped many organisations who were at somewhat of a loss when it came to developing their employee proposition and they had previously struggled to articulate who they were or what was the cultural thread that ran through their organisations. Where I was able to help them was in helping them to understand the difference in creating a true EVP vs creating employer marketing strategies and external candidate advertising. This is where so many organisations miss a trick.  An EVP is, the give for the get… it’s the things that make an organisation connect with certain individuals and enables them to thrive in that environment. The EVP is not, and should never be, a strap line created by HR or Comms teams in isolation. It also isn’t something that is focussed only on the external market for the use of candidate attraction. Engaging existing employees is critical in defining the ‘why’ of the EVP- […]

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Still keeping it real!

Often you need to just take a step back and digest all that you’ve seen, all that you’ve learned and evaluate what to do with all that information. This week has been so busy that only now on a quiet Friday afternoon have I time to do that. So I took on board one thing I heard this week and rather than grab a coffee and sit at my desk to reflect on the week that’s been and focus on the week ahead – I went for a walk. In fact – I went for a 3 mile walk in the rain! So why am I telling you this? Well – It’s about taking time to reflect and make changes. I make time every week to listen and learn..I watch TED Talks, read blogs and posts and talk to my clients, colleagues and potential new customers about talent, talk about great examples of where some organisations just get ‘it’ right and share experiences and ideas about how we can all do the talent stuff better. Last week I published a post about Recruiters poor behaviours and challenged them to reflect and make a change, professionalise what they do and to […]

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