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Why the best talent may not want to work for you!  

So we had a really interesting debate in the office this week! We all get used to seeing league tables of ‘most attractive brands’, most interesting companies to work for, and ‘most in demand employers’ etc. but is that enough to attract the best talent? Whilst we discussed the merit of these so called ‘awards’, we started to review a great candidate that we had just met. Interestingly, he’s super bright, a smart and focused business professional, ambitious with high, a realist, with an engaging style. We loved him!. Our debate then started about the organisations he wanted to work for….none of which made it to the top ten on the league table, in fact…they weren’t even in the top league. Why? The organisations that our candidate wanted to talk to were summed up in a few words…ambitious, creative, non-corporate! He didn’t talk about a ‘job’; he talked about the opportunity to be part of something. He didn’t mention job title, instead, talked about the value he can bring, he didn’t mention grade or level, but talked about making a real difference…he didn’t want to be caught up in “ways of working”, he wanted autonomy to make that company more […]

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