Why international women’s day?

Recruitment-projectNow, before I get everyone up in arms about this piece…remember it’s only my point of view and we are all entitled to have one..aren’t we?
Today is International women’s day, a day to celebrate the amazing, courageous and strong women on this planet – A chance to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Isn’t that a shame!
It’s a shame that in 2016 gender parity still is such an issue. We are still shouting out for equality in the workplace and equality in life, knowing that without this continual fight some countries will see little change or progress towards realising or addressing any gender issue.
We are, however, seeing some great initiatives from countries and companies to help break down any gender issues, driving programmes to support equality and fairness. We are also seeing examples of successful women who have achieved great things in their careers, reaching the elusive glass ceiling and pushing beyond.
Today is a day for sharing positive stories, for engaging and inspiring the younger generations of women to stand up for themselves, achieve greatness and break through any barriers. …It just a shame that two subjects trending on twitter are international women’s day and on the opposite scale Kim Kardashian in the buff!
I’ve just read an article discussing a successful business woman, who has achieved real success in a male dominated sector. The journalist had decided to promote this interview as an International Women’s Day Special and asked a number of question including these –
“Do you have family and/or children?
“Have you ever had to give up or miss out on anything in order to pursue your career? “Do men ever feel intimidated by your success?”

Not all women have ‘missed out’ – some chose their path, Not all women are ‘mum-returners’ they chose their path. They’re not fighting for tax free Tampax or to have ‘period days’ off work – they are asking for the same opportunities that men have, to have work with the same pay, to be treated as equals.
The success of international women’s day to me would be that everyone is defined by and respected for reasons other than their gender..